About Us

We are people with a dream that Kenya and indeed the whole of Africa can be the world’s bread basket. We believe and know that we are able to feed our own and have more than enough to share with the rest of the world, giving them a touch of African hospitality. We are the people, who are playing a part in rewriting the African story when it comes to matters food security. We are Crossfrontier International.

The Problem

A major problem when sourcing for seed or planting material is knowing whether it is disease free or not, Many farmers have planted crops, cared for them only to harvest at a loss in the end because of disease and especially viruses which are not always the easiest to detect and near impossible to treat. In addition to the threat of disease is being unable to source the exact variety of planting material desired by the farmer.

The Solution

Through virus indexing and tissue culture, Crossfrontier International ensures that the seed/planting material you buy from us is disease free. More so, you will find a wide selection of farmer preferred varieties depending on what your needs are.

Improving food security

Through virus indexing and tissue culture

Why Cross Frontier

Why our services matter

Using tissue culture and virus indexing services and products makes a difference between assured harvests and a possible 100% loss due to viral disease. Farmers can now be sure that their planting material is completely disease free before planting.

What we do

We provide Virus indexing services for detection of Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), banana bunchy top virus (BBTV), banana streak virus (BSV), banana mild mosaic virus (BanMMV), and banana bract mosaic virus (BBrMV)-all known to cause devastating losses to farmers within the region. These services are available to:-

  • Primary tissue culture producers
  • Private laboratories
  • Universities
  • Community based laboratories

State of art facilities

Cross Frontiers International Ltd has a state of the art ‘green’ facility situated within easy reach by air, and road of the East and Central African farming communities.